Bringing a Natural Pet Food Brand to Life


Nature’s Select Pet Food is an all-natural pet food company that has been serving thousands of pet lovers across the country since 1994. Their pet food formulas are made with the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates from all-natural foods. They have been designed and produced to meet the health and nutrition needs of most household pets with no chemical preservatives, by-products or artificial ingredients. Nature’s Select has a wide number of distributors who help market their products throughout the U.S.





Nature’s Select is a company with a solid foundation and great products, along with the highest customer satisfaction scores possible. But they were struggling in their expansion efforts due to a lack of clear brand architecture, which was obvious in the disconnect they had with their many distributors marketing messages. A clear brand positioning needed to be developed, including Nature’s Select brand guidelines, and consistent pre-tested marketing tools each distributor could use.


There were two immediate needs. First, develop a strong brand identity that clearly shows the owners desire and ability to deliver the best products in the industry. Second, align messages from these new branding efforts across all Nature’s Select distributors marketing. Due to time constraints, these solutions needed to happen simultaneously.

We easily discovered the uniqueness of this brand after seeing for ourselves the owners’ commitment to their promise. When we were told The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, America’s VetDogs, and several Police K-9 Units in the U.S. use and endorse Nature’Select products, we knew how to separate them from the competition. Here was a great brand  that just needed help to come alive.

From a new e-commerce website that Distributors could easily customize for their own specific needs, to a solid Brand Style Guide, and a library of creative assets ready for quick deployment, we helped prepare a great brand for greater success.


The new website platform and Brand Style Guide was well-received by corporate and distributors alike, and e-commerce sales have increased even more than anticipated. Nature’s Select is also now reaping the benefits nationally of their relationships with The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, America’s VetDogs, and Police K-9 Units. This year they are celebrating their 25th anniversary while continuing to grow in distributors, customers, and new awards for their premium products and white glove service. This is a great brand, and we are privileged to have played a part in their success.

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