Taking America's Favorite Truck to New Heights


The Coachella Valley Ford Dealers (CVFD) are a group of Ford dealerships located in a market more commonly known as Palm Springs, which holds one of the highest population growth rates in California. These dealerships combine a percentage of their monthly advertising budgets to further support Ford’s marketing efforts in their designated market area (DMA).



It was early 2018 and the Chevy Silverado truck was gaining significant market share in the Coachella Valley. So much that, for the first time in years, it was becoming a threat to its biggest competitor, the Ford F-150. Ford had introduced an all-new aluminum model in 2015, and along with it, price increases that F-150 fans weren’t ready for. Simultaneously, Chevrolet introduced a new Silverado model that came with huge discounts. Chevy also made significant shifts in their marketing to reach Hispanic customers who had formerly been F-150 loyalists.

Over this three-year period, the Chevy Silverado became a true contender to win California truck buyers over and was looking to become the number one selling truck in the state for the first time in 20 years. The Coachella Valley Ford Dealers needed help.


We focused 100% of the CVFD’s 2018 advertising funds on marketing the F-150. A 12-month long campaign was launched to creatively deliver the F-150’s unique features and benefits that made sense out of its cost. We also improved the dealer’s 4.8-star review rating on Google–a high marker for dealerships anywhere.

One of the great opportunities we find in markets like the Coachella Valley is that local media can be very cost effective. For example, we were able to run an F-150 ad during the 2015 Super Bowl for less than $5,000. And the Oscars, and the NBA Playoffs, and a wide variety of other live, highly viewed events. Since 2015, we have successfully marketed the F-150 (and the Coachella Valley Ford dealers) via Search, Social Media, Display, Email, TV, Radio, OOH, local events, and PR for less than $180,000 in annual media costs.



By the end of 2018, the Chevy Silverado had overtaken the Ford F-150 in California for the first time in over 20 years. But not in the Coachella Valley. F-150 sales exceeded Silverado sales by 13%. By continuously sharing unique features and benefits in every creative message, we were able to help the consumer understand the rationale behind the price increase. Continuous test drive promotions also helped get the right buyers behind the wheel, where the F-150 was able to sell itself. With our help, the Coachella Valley was the only market in all of California where the F-150 outsold the Silverado. And we intend to keep it that way.


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