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Our team loves building and growing brands through our Insanely Smart Ideas.


Truth is, neither do we. There are too many, they’re annoying, and worst of all, they rarely change opinions, behaviors, or purchase decisions. Let’s face it, we’d all rather get input from a stranger than admit to being swayed by a paid advertisement. Yet, there is such a thing as a good ad - one people will like, trust, and respond to. It just doesn't look like an ad anymore. That’s where we come in.

We have one job - solving our clients’ problems. That’s what we’ve been doing for the past 25 years, during which time we’ve grown smarter, and stronger, and led our clients into the digital world before their competition blinked an eye. We replaced big budgets with smart ideas, and exchanged the typical creative process with modern technology that allows us to turn on a dime. The result? Clients are receiving solutions to their problems, which helps them achieve their goals, which give us unprecedented client retention.

About Us

Our People

Please don’t limit us by our titles. They only represent our individual areas of expertise. Each of us wears many hats - capably, willingly and successfully. We can do three times the quantity and quality of work that took 35 people just a few years ago. Sure, the difference includes technology changes. But not as much as our current ability to work in an extremely collaborative environment where everyone is smart, creative, focused and committed to helping solve our clients’ problems.

Kristen Roberts








executive vice president








graphics dept manager

Cheril Hendry
Monica Lyons








media director









Katherine Dahl








digital strategy manager

Lisa Harano








account manager

Ishmael Salleh
Nick Dudgeon








art director








social media director

Haley Balthrope







Production & Traffic Manager
















account coordinator

Nicole Pawloski








graphic designer








account director








editor / motion graphics








editor / motion graphics
















Social Media Coordinator








account manager

Some of our work

Clients we've worked with:

Palm Springs Motors
Fisker Automotive
Stacked Restaurant
National Automobile Dealers Association
California Pizza Kitchen
Universal Electronics
Wahoo's Fish Tacos
Newport Lexus
TedX Chapman University
Norm Reeves Honda Superstore
Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services
BJ's Restaurant
School's First Credit Union
Chapman University
Toyota San Diego
California Fish Grill
Ed Bozarth Chevrolet
Brothers Specialty RX

Our Services

It's About the Idea.


Today’s constantly growing technology has leveled the playing field for marketers. It’s no longer about who has the biggest budget, it’s about who has the best idea. An insanely smart idea is capable of solving client problems like never before, and rarely needs the expensive media exposure of days gone by to make an impact. This is the environment Brandtailers knows best, where our insanely smart ideas solve problems and drive greater ROI for our clients. Our core capabilities are a means to this end.

Core Capabilities

marketing strategy



media management

roi management


Brandtailers is full of data geeks who fight over getting research projects more than creative jobs. Doesn’t sound much like the world of Madmen, does it? But Don Draper and team wouldn’t know what to do with today’s multi-channel, paid/earned/owned, transparent, consumer driven, one-to-many, on-demand, convergent media world of marketing. We, on the other hand, thrive on it.

• Market Studies

• Competitive Analyses

• Brand Discovery

• Media Research/Planning

• Measurement


The last time we entered some of our creative in a contest we won a lot. But we realized we didn’t care, and that we had more important work to be judged by. That would be work that solves our clients’ problems and delivers a healthy ROI. So, no more advertising contests for us until the awards matter. Meanwhile we’ll focus on turning our insanely smart ideas into insanely effective creative.

• Brand Development

• Advertising

• Graphic Design

• Website and Mobile

   App Development

• Illustration

• Video/TV Production

• Animation

• Social Media Integration


We have our own in-house techies and geeks involved in every aspect of our client’s marketing plans. They have to be, because today a great digital ad involves an underbelly that offers the user a multitude of ways to engage. A client’s website needs fast changes to be responsive and relevant to it’s viewers. And, no offense, waiting for someone in India to do this doesn’t work for our clients.

• Web Programming

• Search Engine Optimization

• Web Hosting

• Website / Database Auditing


We’re media agnostic. With our years in TV, radio, print, outdoor, direct mail, pre-roll, internet radio, landing pages, microsites, rich media, banner ads, electronic billboards, email and more, we do not take commissions intentionally to stay ethical in our recommendations. We’re also big proponents of Converged Media: the blending of Paid, Earned and Owned options, which we adjust to each client’s specific needs.

• Market Studies

• Competitive Analyses

• Brand Discovery

• Media Research/Planning

• Measurement


These days, marketing budgets are often broken into a whole lot of small efforts that hopefully converge to make one big success. But rarely do we see clients who have the time, or know-how, to accurately monitor these efforts and make sure each is pulling its own weight and being adjusted as needed. But we do. And, once again, since we’re media and marketing agnostic, we only care about one thing – is it working?

• Web Analytics & Measurement

• Social Media & Customer Monitoring

• Data Analysis & Reporting

• Customer Data Management

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