Music Streamers Are More Likely To Be Automotive Brand Advocates
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If your dealership isn’t advertising on Spotify, Pandora or other music streaming stations, you might want to reconsider this outlet in your marketing mix. According to The 2014 Brand Impact Study by Spotify, “streamers are twice as likely as non-streamers to advocate for and feel emotionally connected to brands”. And car brands should pay even more attention as this group of individuals is 67% more likely to be automotive brand advocates. We here at Brandtailers especially like music streaming outlets because our clients’ messages are delivered to an engaged audience with audio and video stimulation, and are left with a static banner on screen for the duration of the next song. So if the message didn’t sink in during the 30 second spot, they can toggle back to their radio screen to see the offer for the next 3 minutes. Also, ads are usually scheduled to play upon interaction with a user’s screen so the audience is engaged when the ad plays (ie: giving a “thumbs up” to a song, pausing or skipping a song, etc.)

Ad player skins are also a great creative outlet for brands to showcase their graphics across the entire screen. This option is usually more expensive but it makes a louder splash than a floating banner. Typically you’ll see tier 1 auto manufacturers take advantage of this type of ad as there are minimum monthly ad spend requirements.

Frequency and capping also play an important role in this outlet as a spot can be played a certain number of times in a given time frame to help message penetration and retention. Algorithmic calculations have been created to reach the optimum reach and frequency ratio.

Location targeting is another great advantage of advertising on an online music streaming station since most platforms can drill down to the zip code and/or mile radius level, ensuring that only the listeners in your market hear your message and not a dime is spent on wasted coverage outside your local area.

According to Spotify’s study, 40% of streamers plan to purchase a new car or truck in the coming year. So if you’re not advertising on an online music streaming station and the above didn’t convince you, maybe that stat will!


Segments and Segmentation
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Mass marketing has it’s place in the traditional media world, but it should rarely exist in the digital one. That’s the beauty of digital; it’s personal, it’s direct, and it should hit a customer at the right place and right time. It more closely relates to the real world where every person has a unique and individual need. The sales team at a dealership has been trained to ask the right questions about a customer’s car needs before suggesting a product. They’d be out of business if they assumed that everyone who walked on the lot wanted a 2014 white Ford Fusion. But are those pertinent questions being translated to their digital marketing? What a waste of money if they’re not!

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Brandtailers Principle #6: Getting Down to What Really Matters
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“We value honesty and candor in our advice to and from clients.”

We’re not happy unless we’ve done our best work, and it’s not our best work if our clients aren’t happy. The best way to ensure that everyone is happy is to be honest and candid about what we think and about what our clients want. Read More…

Why Should Your Brand Be on Instagram?
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If you’re serious at all about marketing, you’re on social media. But it can be difficult to find your audience on the right social media. Most people are on Facebook, and so most marketers are there too. But is that really where your brand is going to be most effective? Read More…

Brandtailers Principle #5: The Budget that Works the Hardest
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Ideas make the money

“We will be trusted stewards of our clients’ money, spending it as if it were our own.”

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