Brandtailers Principle #5: The Budget that Works the Hardest
Brandtailers | July 23, 2014  | 0 Comments

Ideas make the money

“We will be trusted stewards of our clients’ money, spending it as if it were our own.”

An advertising agency does a lot of different things. Those things require creativity, strategy, insight, relevance, and maybe even a little bit of luck. But when it all boils down, there’s only one thing left Read More…

Traditional Media is Still King—Just Learning to Share.
Ryan Wardell | July 15, 2014  | 0 Comments


As HBO’s “Game of Thrones” reigns king of this year’s Emmy nominations with 19 in total, television still sits atop the iron throne of media. But when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die—or in this case, slowly lose your majority.

EMarketer shows that Americans Read More…

The Importance of Experimenting Across Digital Channels
Katherine | July 7, 2014  | 0 Comments

Analytics Image

As our digital strategist and stand-in analyst, I’m constantly testing the waters for what works and what doesn’t for our clients. The hardest question I have to face day in and day out from clients is “What ROI can I expect?” While I can take a very educated guess, we’ll never know for sure until we try. Read More…

What Does Elon Musk’s Recent Generosity in Sharing Tesla’s Patents Mean for Consumers?
Ryan Wardell | June 23, 2014  | 0 Comments

Just over a week ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in a blog post that “Tesla will not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith, wants to use our technology.”

This is a bold move in the automotive business, an industry saturated with patents and fueled by competition. Word spread quickly, and the opinions seemed split at first, but over time a majority became clear Read More…

The Demand for Smarter Creative is Here, Thanks to the Growth of Programmatic Buying
Cheril Hendry | June 20, 2014  | 0 Comments

shutterstock_113467843(1)We’ve been hearing for years that the future of buying commercial time on TV  will  include the ability for advertisers to deliver individual commercials to individual viewers based upon their particular demographics, psychographics and whatever else we can dig up at a one-to-one marketing level. This is called Programmatic Buying. It’s been around for a few years in the digital ad space, but now it’s here for TV, too.

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